About BNR Academy

A full time institute provides intensive training for all sort of competitive exams at state and national level

  • Our Vision is to bring awareness among the youth regarding the national level competition
  • And all competitive exams of top most level for settling themselves as Achievers in the society
  • We also provide a well maintained library to all sort of competitive exams including the model papers and journals.
  • The institute is well equipped with CC cams & Audio visual set up.
  • There are separate batches for girls & boys.
  • Guest Lecturers, Experienced faculties carry the classes and also be ready to clarify the doubts and sort out problems of students in every possible way.
  • The eminent facilities not only try to educate them academically rather provide them motivational support and sincere guidance.
  • The institute provides and interactive program for current or continuing students with successful students of the same institute. Here they share their ideas, experiences and motivate them to work hard to get success.
  • Test for the explain subject is being conducted every day.
  • We also keep an eye constantly on any changes in the final examinations papers and updated syllabus too.
  • We trained the students in such a way that a 0% confident student can turn into 100%.
  • Institutes provides unlimited model practice papers to let the students prepare themselves at root level and be able to deal any type of question they shall get in the examination .
  • We do not differentiate between the above average & below average student. The motivational and moral support of our lecturers help the students to always do the best in their exams and become Achievers in their lives.
  • We also focusing to spread our wings so that we can be available to maximum number of students aspiring for the competitive exams in other parts of the country too.